Superior Legal Counsel Tailored to Your Needs

The Offices of Payne & Associates, P.C., have been devoted for years to helping individual and corporate clients understand and navigate the legal complexities and pitfall of their specific situation or business.

Every client and legal matter or concern is unique. Our attorneys have well over 70 years of combined legal experience that enables us to provide more than one legal solution or option tailored to the distinctive needs and/or desired outcome of a given client. Extensive legal experience, knowledge, understanding, and ability to apply the law provides our attorneys with the skill set needed to provide these alternative solutions and options tailored to meet the needs of our clients.

Payne & Associates are not typically “9 to 5” law firm. Legal counsel should be easily accessible. Our attorneys understand that individual clients are busy and need our counsel after hours. Our corporate clients are located across the country and deserve to have legal counsel readily available during their entire workday.

Individual Clients

Buying, Selling, Financing, Refinancing Real Estate, Offers to Purchase, Purchase & Sale Agreement, Closings, Asset Protection, Estate Planning, Business Formation:

Individual Clients: Payne & Associates are a boutique law firm dedicated to helping clients through life’s most important and monumental stages ranging from pre and post marriage considerations, buying or financing a first home, refinancing a current home or business, building a real estate portfolio, buying, starting, dissolving or growing a business, litigating a civil dispute, wealth and finance planning and protection for our numerous lottery winning clients or protecting a home, estate, inheritance, earnings and/or assets for future generations and so on. We are proud to be part of these monumental milestones and so are our clients!

Real Estate Closings for our Individual Clients: Payne & Associates gladly go the extra mile for our clients buying a home, obtaining financing/mortgages on a home, refinancing, selling a home. Our attorneys all understand that you do not do this every day and is understandably a stressful venture. The good news is that we do this each and every single day. Let our attorneys guide you through and explain the process, step by step while also protecting you from any loss.

All closings in Massachusetts MUST be conducted by an attorney. If you don’t have your own attorney, your lender will assign one at the sole expense that represents ONLY the lender and NOT YOU! The Offices of Payne & Associates, P.C., can step into the shoes of your lender’s chosen attorney and, for the same cost to you, represent the lender and your best interest at closing. This will also enable us to guide you through the process from the initial offer until the day of closing. Further, as your chosen closing attorney for your purchase, we will draft and negotiate your purchase and sales agreement free of charge as our housewarming gift to you. If you are a seller, we will prepare and draft your deed at no charge.

Your home is an important part of your life for years as well as being a significant investment. It’s important to have an experienced guide, someone who can walk you through the detailed procedure. Our real estate attorneys have decades of experience and expertise to usher even the most difficult deals through to completion.

Corporate Real Estate Clients

Title Companies, Settlement Companies, Lenders, Brokers, Loan Originators, Realtors

Payne & Associates provide legal counsel and settlement services to corporate clients of all sizes ranging from small settlement companies and credit unions to our Fortune 500 company clients across both residential and commercial landscape. As a corporate client, your business will receive the guidance, individual attention, expertise, and counsel from our attorneys “on the ground” to ensure a tranquil closing. Regardless of your time zone, our staff is available to you during your given workday.

Payne and Associates legal services run the gamut of all aspects of residential and commercial real estate transactions. Our attorney’s training, experience, and continuing legal education ensure the highest level of competence in every transaction, whether it be purchases, sales, refinances, HELOC’s, 203k loans, deed in lieu, 1031 exchanges, REO transactions, short sale, modifications, and so on.

Payne and Associates provide settlement services and legal counsel throughout the process whether it be with drafting a legal document, financing, closings and settlement, title examination and clearance, HUD/CD preparation, issuing title insurance, disbursements, discharge tracking, recording services, short sale approval, auction services, etc. We are already authorized to conduct closings for all major, and any smaller, banks throughout the Commonwealth.

Our attorneys are personable and will provide as much guidance or services as needed to ensure your (and your client’s) needs are met and your expectations are surpassed.



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